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Pacific Farmhouse- Storage

"Pacific Farmhouse with Storage Base" S/S '24

Made to Order

Handcrafted in California

6' L, 4' W, 6.5' H


  • Choose your Aura: "Daybreak" (as shown)
  • Choose your Base: Storage, Table or Run
  • Pine
  • ACX and Smart Siding
  • Exterior stain
  • Exterior paint
  • Eco friendly and pet safe interior paint
  • Decorative vinyl flooring
  • Hardware cloth windows
  • Shingle roof
Aesthetic Hardware
  • Decorative handles
  • Bunny Bunk door slide bolts
  • Cleaning door swivel hasp
  • Cleaning door interior slide bolt
  • Shelf chains
  • 6 wood pegs
  • "Bunny Bunk" with ramp (removable)
  • Bedding Bar (removable) with litter pan holder (pan not included)
  • Decorative black exterior lantern (bulb not included)
  • Automatic bunny door with timer/light sensor
  • Ramp (removable)
  • Small space friendly
  • Fully framed interior
  • Under home storage/sheltered run space
  • Double door home cleaning access
  • Exterior Bunny Bunk access
  • Bunny Bunk door shelf with chain suspension (optional)
  • Bunny Bunk storage
  • Front porch
  • Insulation























    • Choose your Aura: "Daybreak" (as shown)

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