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Saratoga Chalet


"Saratoga Chalet" S/S '23

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  • Available: Limited Edition
  • Approximate overall size: 11' L, 6' W, 7.5' H (details upon request)
  • Coop, walk-in run
  • Accommodates up to 8 chickens
  • 2 nesting boxes
  • ACX coop siding
  • Fully framed and painted interior
  • Metal coop & run roof
  • Painted beams run ceiling
  • Hardware cloth ventilation windows
  • Hardware cloth doors
  • Front door handle with lockable slide bolt 
  • Hook & eye latch on backside of door
  • Under coop additional run space
  • Decorative vinyl flooring in coop 
  • Exterior double door coop cleaning access
  • Hidden interior cleaning door slide bolt
  • Cleaning door swivel hasp
  • Exterior nesting box access
  • Nesting box slide bolts
  • Nesting box door shelf with chain suspension 
  • Removeable roosting bar
  • Removeable bedding bar
  • Decorative exterior sconce
  • Mailbox
  • Automatic chicken door with timer/light sensor
  • Decorative front door corbels 
  • Ramp with accessory bar

































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