Availability is limited- get started on your new animal home today!


  • Q- Where are your homes made?
  • A- We are proudly made in the USA! All of our homes and accessories are designed and built by us in the San Francisco, Bay Area of California.


  • Q- Do you sell plans?
  • A- We do not, sorry.


  • Q- I live out of state, can I still buy one of your animal homes?
  • A- Unfortunately, we aren't servicing outside of California at this time.


  • Q- How long does it take to receive my new animal home?
  • A- Once we have received the initial payment, it is typically 6-8 weeks until completion (we will notify you if there are any timeframe adjustments).


  • Q- Do you offer delivery/installation?
  • A- Yes, we deliver and install all of our homes!


  • Q- Do you stage your animal homes and if so, can we buy ours staged?
  • A- Yes! Just let us know you're interested when inquiring for yours!


  • Q- I love one of the animal homes I saw on your website, can I buy it?
  • A- As of now, our Limited Edition Chateau and Villa Series are the designs we are duplicating. All of our other animal homes are custom, one-of-a-kind designs for former clients.


  • Q- Do you make your own doors and windows?
  • A- Yes! All of our doors and windows are designed and made by us (with the exception of glass windows).


  • Q- What is "Choose Your Aura"?
  • A- Our Limited Edition Chateau and Villa Series each offer the unique ability to customize your home's aesthetic by choosing one of our Aura packages. These include a curated selection of: paint, roofing, flooring, hardware, and lighting.