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About Us


   Several years ago, we set out on the open road in search of a new adventure. Always naturally drawn to mountains and open water- but also the culture and movement of big cities- the San Francisco, Bay Area just made sense for us. Although we were both raised in the Midwest- Jake in Michigan and I, Natalie, in Wisconsin- we feel like California was always meant to be our home. 

   As kids, we each spent the majority of our free-time outdoors captivated by nature and animals. When we weren't out hiking and exploring, we were drawing, designing and creating. Jake made chicken coops and went on to help his dad build their house. I leaned on the quirkier side, making anything from caterpillar carriers to mouse houses. 

   Since starting Bay Area Coops, we have created custom animal homes for chickens, goats, quails, ornamental birds, owls, turtles, piglets, bunnies and cats- can't wait to see what comes next!


We look forward to working with you,
Jake, Co-Founder/Craftsman
Natalie, Co-Founder/Designer